Investor Support

So often we see investors purchase properties that will never be a lucrative investment property.  For example, the property is purchased in a negative and rapidly declining neighborhood, the cost of actual repairs are significantly higher than estimated repairs.  The home looks good but the things we can not see such as the heating, cooling, plumbing and electricals are in poor shape.  Sometimes investors predict monthly rent to be higher than what the market is willing to give

Real estate investing can be a fun and lucrative field of real estate.  Like any investment, real estate investing has risks.  If you are thinking of purchasing rental investments, please contact Alex and Co. Realty for an Investors Report.

For a $400 fee Our Investor’s Report Will Include: (price varies according to property square footage)
- A property Walk Through by a licensed Realtor
- Broker’s Price Opinion of the Property in an as is state and repaired state
- Broker’s price opinion for potential monthly rent
- A Property Inspection on the property by an Alabama State licensed home inspector
- Give you an estimated cost of what it will take to get the property in rental condition